Web Analytics

Netmonitor takes a new approach into analytics – we are not as much about figures and statistics than about real life actions. Where other analytics tools focus on advanced mathematics, we focus on concrete events to provide you with ready–to–use data!


Campaigns & Goals

Performance monitoring is vital for successful online marketing campaings. Information provided by Netmonitor makes it possible to focus on the most effective campaigns, control your costs and maximize the return on these investments.


B2B Features

Website visitors can be your potential customers, partners, competitors – but what do you know about them? Netmonitor provides detailed information about your visitors, making it possible to know your market better, customize your site and boost sales.


Netmonitor Mail

Netmonitor includes its own email marketing software.
In few clicks you can create and send personalized email campaigns and newsletters!


Customer Care

Whether you are a beginner or an expert you will not be left helpless with Netmonitor. We consider customer service as one of the key features of Netmonitor.